Some Questions to Ask About Cast Bronze Plaques and Busts

Cast bronze plaques and busts are often used as headstones and grave markers, as memorials in building or other public areas, and to note certain landmarks or items of interest such as you might see in a national park. Choosing a cast bronze plaque or bust will create a marker that lasts for decades, and which will offer a very distinct and handsome yet stately appearance. If you're thinking about getting a cast bronze plaque or bust made, note a few questions you might have and then be sure to discuss these subjects with a metalworker so you know what's involved in ordering and caring for your marker. [Read More]

The Guide to Designing a Door Sign

Every good business needs good, well-designed door signs. Door signs are imperative in conveying the right information about what's in a room, and a business with clear and effective signage makes everyone's life that much easier. When choosing the door signs for your business, there are a few questions that you need to ask to ensure that the signs carry out their intended function: What is the Sign's Purpose? Is the sign intended to keep people out, or to invite them in? [Read More]

Three Exhibition Services You Need for Your First Gallery Showing

As an artist striving to have their work shown, you want your first gallery showing to go perfectly. You have the pieces you want to show, the night, the time, and even catering. One thing you may not be thinking of are the exhibition services that can put the right spotlight on your big debut. Here are three exhibition services you need for your first gallery showing and why you need them. [Read More]

The Benefits Of Laser Engraving

There may come a time when you need to have something engraved. It could be something as simple as an engraving to identify your personal property in the event that it is stolen, or you may want to have a memorial brass nameplate or a trophy engraved. In the past, an engraving tool, such as a Dremel machine with an engraving tip, was used for small items such as jewelry, and larger setups were used for trophies, plaques, etc. [Read More]