Branding through Signs: Ideas, Tips and Comparisons

Corporate signs: Tips for designing and implementing the signs

Corporate signs are used for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is creating awareness of a business enterprise both to its prospective and already existing clients, in terms of locations as well as the goods and services provided. Since the signs are the first thing potential customers may come across, it is essential to ensure that they get reasonably designed, are located strategically, and also provide a brief but elaborate message about the enterprise in a succinct manner. Below are some basic tips that every business owner looking to utilize corporate signs should consider.


The design. Corporate signs get placed in areas where they can catch the attention of people passing by, for instance, on a highway. As a result, the sign has a limited span of time to grab the attention of a passing motorist and even less time to provide details of the business. Designing an effective sign starts by choosing bright colours that draw attention from afar. Once the colours get picked, the font used should be considerably sized so that the sign is legible from where the sign will get hoisted.

Message. In addition to the design elements, meticulously chosen words should be used to communicate what the business is as well as what it does. Use contrast to highlight the most important parts of the message while making sure the language used is as simple as possible. Finally, make sure not to provide excessively unnecessary details in the messaging by prioritizing on the name and address of the business. Adding a catchy tagline should also be helpful in giving the message some depth.

Location and visibility. The sign should get placed in an area where it is in plain sight, i.e., without any visual hindrances such as trees, buildings, power lines or glare from the sun. The sign should also get placed where plenty of passersby, whether on foot or driving, can get a good look at it and understand its message. Examples of such locations include roadsides and on top of buildings as well as sports centres. For signs placed inside buildings, it is important to make sure that the sign faces the direction of oncoming and passing people.

Maintenance. Over time signs degenerate or get vandalized. It is important to continually check if the sign has issues such as missing letters, burned out lights or any deterioration and have them fixed. Failure to maintain a sign tells clients that the company is not bothered about its image, and as such, they tend not to trust the business.