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Some Questions to Ask About Cast Bronze Plaques and Busts

Cast bronze plaques and busts are often used as headstones and grave markers, as memorials in building or other public areas, and to note certain landmarks or items of interest such as you might see in a national park. Choosing a cast bronze plaque or bust will create a marker that lasts for decades, and which will offer a very distinct and handsome yet stately appearance. If you're thinking about getting a cast bronze plaque or bust made, note a few questions you might have and then be sure to discuss these subjects with a metalworker so you know what's involved in ordering and caring for your marker.

1. Always ask if weight will be a factor for your marker

The weight of your marker will be affected by its size, whether it's made of solid bronze or is filled with something lighter such as aluminum, the type of backing you choose for a plaque, and the like. If you're ordering a very large marker then you want to ask about the approximate weight and if you should consider a type of foundation or base for something you plan on putting right in the ground. You also want to note if the stand or wall hangers you were considering for your plaque would hold that weight securely.

2. Note how to care for the marker over time

Metals used in cast bronze will oxidize over time and this can affect its overall color and appearance, and your plaque or bust will be no exception. However, you might be able to reduce this change by ensuring you keep the marker clean so it doesn't get etched by dirt and debris, and avoid certain cleansers that can also be harsh to its surface. If you use a harsh cleanser with abrasive materials, this might speed up the oxidation process and your bronze plaque or bust will seem to fade much more quickly than it would otherwise.

3. Ask how often the marker should be restored

Because oxidation may affect the appearance of your bronze marker, you may eventually want it restored. However, note that this process may involve sanding the marker to remove any damaged areas in order to expose the unchanged bronze underneath. Having this process done repeatedly may eventually wear down the marker itself. Ask how often this restoration should be done to your marker and then be sure you avoid having the piece restored more often than recommended, so you don't actually damage it through the restoration process.