Branding through Signs: Ideas, Tips and Comparisons

4 Reasons to Pick Laser Over Rotary Engraving for Your Business Signs

Having your signs engraved is a great way to ensure a professional, custom-made appearance that will last without fading for years to come. Of course, there are a few considerations that need to be kept in mind, and probably the most important of these is whether you're going to have your signs rotary engraved or laser engraved.

Rotary engraving uses a special tool that is spun at high speed, while laser engraving, which is a newer technology, employs a focused beam of light to cut its way into the given material. Rotary engraving does have a few select advantages, but there's more than one reason why the practice is being superseded by laser engraving, and here are just four reasons why laser engraving is what you deserve for your signage.

1. Minimal Stress on the Material

One of the main limitations of rotary engraving is that the sign needs to be clamped down to prevent any movement during the process. This can lead to light marks or an otherwise uneven appearance, which is never going to be desirable. Laser engraving is different, since the system doesn't ever actually need to make contact with the material being engraved, so no stress is exerted and no additional marks will be made.

2. Finer Detailing

By its very nature, laser engraving is extremely precise. In fact, you can produce photographic quality by using a sophisticated laser engraving machine. A rotary engraver cannot replicate that level of precision, especially where designs need to be quite dense, so you'll be a little restricted when it comes to choosing the perfect design.

3. Unlimited Font Options

You might be thinking that you don't need the intricate designs available with laser engraving; that's fair enough, because most signs really don't require that level of precision. However, something you'll almost certainly enjoy is being able to select from any type of font. This is often tricky with rotary engravers because of the way they move through the material, but it isn't an issue with laser engraving, which can produce any font in the world. For organisations that understand the importance of branding, that's going to be a key concern.

4. Faster Orders

Finally, laser engraving is often preferred simply because it is a significantly faster process. Items can be placed side-by-side for maximum productivity, and the speed of engraving is commonly a lot faster, especially since there are fewer parts that might need to be replaced compared to a rotary engraver. The upshot is that you're likely to get your order through a lot sooner, which is never a bad thing.