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3 Vital Tips for Selecting Custom Braille Signs for Your Commercial Premises

Every commercial premise owner across Australia must ensure their business is highly accessible to anyone, regardless of their physical ability. A great example is braille signage that assists visually impaired individuals to gain uninterrupted access to different commercial facilities. If you're a property manager or owner, you should learn how to select the best braille signage for your business. 

To help you begin the selection process on the right footing, consider these three essential tips.

Match Your Braille Signage Colour with Your Interiors

Most people think the braille sign's colour doesn't matter since braille signages are only for visually impaired individuals. That's not true if you consider the bigger picture. Braille signage isn't only meant for a specific group of people. 

While they are helpful for individuals with sight problems, those with perfect eyesight are also drawn to these signages. Choosing dull colours can mean signages that are an eyesore to your clients. Therefore, always select custom braille signs complimenting the interior décor of your commercial premise. Doing so creates a comfortable interior space loved by your tenants or clients. 

Consider Braille Signage with Slide Channels 

For most commercial facilities, tenants can decide to shift from one space to the next within the premise. For example, a particular business might decide to expand operations and establish other offices on more floors. Such a business might find it challenging if they must invest in newer braille signs every time they shift offices. 

Because of this reason, consider investing in braille signage with sliding channels because they facilitate easier movement. This option helps prevent businesses from investing in brand-new signage when moving offices. Besides, vital information on the custom braille signage remains intact.

Invest in Wooden Braille Signage 

Finally, when considering custom braille signage for your commercial business, most business owners opt for acrylic material due to its tactile attributes and excellent integration with laser cutting technology. However, always remember that it's not mandatory to choose acrylic material for your braille signage. Wooden custom braille signage offers businesses much more at an affordable cost. 

Besides being eco-friendlier, custom wooden braille signage are ideal options when you want to enhance your commercial premise's interior décor. Furthermore, acrylic braille signs don't offer a comfortable touching experience for the visually impaired during cold weather. However, custom wooden signage is less affected by temperature changes, offering a more comfortable experience. 

Consider these three essential tips when investing in custom braille signs for your commercial business to find the ideal one.