Branding through Signs: Ideas, Tips and Comparisons

Minimum Requirements That a Sign Installer Must Fulfil

Signs are a critical part of marketing and should never be taken for granted, considering they improve a firm's visibility. However, the effectiveness of a business sign mainly depends on its installation. Notably, improper sign installation has consequences, including accidents and poor visibility. Luckily, you can hire a professional sign installer for the task since they understand the nitty-gritty of proper sign installation. That said, there are numerous installation companies out there; hence, it is easy to hire the first service provider you come across. However, a sign installer must meet specific requirements, some of which are highlighted here.

Understands Different Mounting Options

Hanging signs is not a one-size-fits-all task because business signage has different mounting options. For example, the way you mount roadside signs is quite different from how you hang indoor or outdoor signage. Roadside signs can be mounted on poles, posts or frames and require drilling and strong stabilisation hardware, such as U-bracket or T-bracket kits. Besides, roadside or outdoor signs require that an installer understand light's effects on the signage. On the other hand, installing indoor signs is straightforward because all an installer needs are screws, drill bits, and mounting hardware. The right sign installer should be an expert in different mounting techniques, which guarantees that your signs will stay up for a long time.

Expertise Working with Different Signs

Commercial signs can range from channel letters and electronic messaging signs to blade signage and awnings. Therefore, a sign installer should be conversant with installing the specific sign you want for your business. For instance, electronic messaging signs require an installer with basic electrical knowledge. On the other hand, channel letter signs require expertise in welding since most are made of metal. If a local sign installer has only worked with wayfinding signs or post signs, they may not be able to help you install an electronic sign. Therefore, hiring an installer with experience mounting the type of sign you want saves time and prevents damage to expensive signage.

Adequate Installation Crew

Mounting a simple post sign or a wayfinding sign is a task that a one-person crew can complete in minutes. Similarly, installing commercial signage on a business awning requires approximately two people to complete the work. However, installing oversized metallic channel letter signage on a building or large electronic signs requires a large crew. Notably, a lot is involved in such installations; hence, the division of labour among crew members is critical. Therefore, always ensure that an installer has adequate staff.

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