Branding through Signs: Ideas, Tips and Comparisons

Two Reasons To Have Your Promotional Banner Professionally Made

If you need a promotional banner for your business premises and your budget is small, you may have thought about making the banner yourself, with some craft supplies. Here are two reasons why it's best to use the services of promotional banner makers instead.

The banner will look far better

No matter how neat your handwriting is or how artistic you are, you probably won't be able to produce a promotional banner that looks as legible and visually appealing as the one a banner maker could produce using their computers and printing equipment. For example, the lettering on a digitally produced banner will be far more uniform than any handwritten one you could create. This is important; if the message on your banner is unclear, due to the uneven handwritten text, the banner won't serve its main purpose (i.e. it won't enable those who see it to become aware of the product or service you're trying to promote).

Secondly, any images you add to the banner using markers or pens are unlikely to be as visually attractive as the one a sign company could digitally add to the banner they make for you. This, too, is worth noting, as people will take more of an interest in your banner and its promotional message if it has some clear, appealing-looking image on it.

The banner will last longer

If you'll only be using the banner to promote an offer that will last for a couple of days, then you may not be concerned about the banner standing the test of time and it may be fine to create one with your own craft supplies. However, if you'll be reusing the banner for a promotional offer that you'll be running on a regular basis, then it's best to get it made by a sign maker.

The reason for this is as follows: a DIY banner will not last half as long as its professionally made equivalent. For example, the markers you use may gradually fade if the banner is put in a sunny window or hung up outdoors. Conversely, the UV-resistant ink that sign makers typically use when making banners will stay rich and vivid, even in the sunniest of settings. Likewise, whilst the paper card you might use to make this item would warp if the banner was placed over a radiator or in the sun and would mean the banner wouldn't be suitable for use outdoors when it's raining (as it will just fall apart), the vinyl or laminated paper the sign-maker could use would make the banner suitable for use near both heat and water sources.