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Custom Metal Signs: 5 Reasons to Choose Aluminium

Aluminium is one of the most prevalent metals in the custom signs industry. However, have you ever known how it measures up to other signage materials? When compared to plastic, wood or any other composite materials, aluminium emerges top of the competition in many ways. Here are five reasons why you should select aluminium for your custom metal signs.

Most Durable in the Sign Industry

Aluminium is known to be durable and sturdy even though it can be lightweight and thin. Aluminium typically comes in five densities, but it has three main ones which are quite common. The most tenuous features a .040 gauge great for small-sized signs, while the .080 gauge can be useful for neighbourhood or street signs. The .125 gauge is the thickest and suitable for heavy-duty signs used in construction, excavation sites, etc. 


With its longevity and durability, you may think of aluminium as the most expensive material. On the contrary, it's not, and it's one of the most affordable signage materials. When you compare aluminium to other substrates like plastic or wood, aluminium beats the competition in terms of cost. 

Offers a Professional Finish

You may not break the bank for aluminium signage, but it may indeed appear like you just did. Metal finishes can help you achieve a professional and classy look, whether polished, mirrored or brushed. For this reason, you'll find aluminium in modern offices due to its exceptional aesthetics.

Highly Versatile

While acrylic and PVC are unsuitable for exterior signage, aluminium is. Some types of wood may serve as both outdoor and indoor signage; not all can withstand extreme weather without constant treatment. However, aluminium is ideal for indoor and outdoor signs since it is rustproof and weather-resistant. It can last for years without breaking down and is thus suitable for street signs. When situated indoors where there are no weather elements, aluminium signs can last even longer.

Easy to Customise

Do you need to screen print your signs on aluminium, apply coloured vinyl characters or cut the metal into unique cut-outs? With aluminium, you can quickly achieve all these since it's quite easy to customise. You can use a little creativity to add exceptional personality to your signage. Therefore, aluminium is the best canvas for all your unique signage ideas.

Since aluminium is the most durable, most affordable, versatile and easy to customise and it achieves an expert finish, it is the ultimate material for your custom signs.

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