Branding through Signs: Ideas, Tips and Comparisons

Two Tips for Budget-Conscious People Need to Purchase Signage to Advertise Their Business

If you're a budget-conscious business owner and you need to buy signage to advertise your enterprise, you may find the following tips to be helpful.

Choose quality over quantity

If you don't have a lot of money to spend on signage, you might be tempted to purchase several low-cost signs, made from 'economy' materials and printed with cheap inks, rather than just one high-quality sign, as this would enable you to advertise your business in more than one location.

However, in these circumstances, it is best to invest in one well-made sign rather than several cheap ones. The reason for this is as follows; signs that are made with very inexpensive materials and low-quality inks will not stand the test of time.

They are usually quite flimsy, meaning that after a few weeks of being put on display, they will begin to look rather old and shabby. The ink may even fade to the point where the text on it, featuring your business name and describing product or service, may be hard for passers-by to read.

As such, low-cost signage is generally only suitable for instances in which you need to advertise your business for a short period of time.

If you want the sign to continue to look attractive and eye-catching for the foreseeable future, it is best to opt for a single sign, made with the highest quality materials and inks you can afford, and to then position this sign in a highly visible location that is frequented by your target demographic.

Stick to a simple but striking design

The more text, colours and images you instruct the sign shop to include on your sign, the more the signage will cost.

This can be rather disheartening to learn if you're on a budget, as you may think that that the more colours and images you feature, the more likely it is that the sign will stand out and get noticed.

However, the truth is that a sign with a simple but striking design can be just as eye-catching as one that is filled with text and images.

For example, opting for a plain, bright white background and displaying a large, monochrome picture of your business logo, along with a simple catchphrase, special offer or phone number, could actually be more effective than a sign that is far more colourful and cluttered, as the people who walk or drive by it won't have to spend any time trying to understand what message the sign is trying to convey or what business it is trying to advertise.

Instead, it will be immediately obvious what your business is and what you are offering.