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Three Exhibition Services You Need for Your First Gallery Showing

As an artist striving to have their work shown, you want your first gallery showing to go perfectly. You have the pieces you want to show, the night, the time, and even catering. One thing you may not be thinking of are the exhibition services that can put the right spotlight on your big debut. Here are three exhibition services you need for your first gallery showing and why you need them.

Program Materials

One of the key components to your show, and being remembered after it, are program materials. At the very least you will want to have some kind of brochure or leaflet made for the event. This should showcase at least one of your pieces as well as your name and a small bio. You can add contact information as well if you plan on selling pieces or doing private work. 

In addition to a leaflet, you may want a brochure, business cards, display signage, or even post cards with images of your art work on them. This will keep your art in the mind of the people who visited your show and serve as an ideal word of mouth option as well.

Website Space

Depending on where you are hosting your first gallery showing, you may be able to utilise a website space from exhibition support. This website would be tied directly to the gallery location as well as to your own private web space. It can give all the information about your showing as well as examples of pieces you will have at the gallery. In some cases, you can opt for this service to build a social media presence that will start with the gallery showing and expand for future showings and announcements of your upcoming work.

Private Hostings

One exhibition support service that you may not consider is the option to have a private hosting. This type of support will help you create the private event, advertise it, and complete the showing. You can work with exhibition support team members to create the perfect private hosting event or party that moves around your gallery showing. This can be a great way to find sponsorship for your upcoming gallery shows or art work.

These are just three of the many options you can have for your gallery showing. If you aren't sure what options will work for you, contact your local exhibition support and services company. They can discuss your options, give a price estimate, and work with you to create the ideal gallery showing for your work. For more information, contact a business such as On Show-South Brisbane.