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The Benefits Of Laser Engraving

There may come a time when you need to have something engraved. It could be something as simple as an engraving to identify your personal property in the event that it is stolen, or you may want to have a memorial brass nameplate or a trophy engraved. In the past, an engraving tool, such as a Dremel machine with an engraving tip, was used for small items such as jewelry, and larger setups were used for trophies, plaques, etc. But it was time-consuming and costly to do. Today more people are using laser engraving because of the many benefits it offers:


When you are having laser engraving done on an item, the letters, numbers, or image to be engraved are scanned into a computer. The computer guides the engraving tools, so you can be sure that the final product will be 100 percent accurate. The quality will be second-to-none, and there will be awesome resolution.

Engrave on Anything

Laser engraving can be done on just about any type of material. You can even have laser engraving done on plastic items. Other materials this engraving can be done on include glass, rubber, metals, and woods. Check with the engraving company to find out if they have any limitations on the materials that can be engraved.

Engrave Text and Images

When it comes to fonts, you can choose any font that is available in the computer system that the engraving is done with. The only problem with this is that you have such a huge selection of fonts to choose from, sometimes thousands.

With other engraving processes, only text can be engraved. With laser engraving, you can have just about any image you can think of engraved, including barcodes. A good example is a piece of jewelry that has someone's photo engraved onto it, which is being offered by a number of jewellery stores and jewellers. This is done with laser engraving.

Laser Engraving is Fast

In years past, if you sent something off to be engraved, you could expect it to take at least a couple of weeks before you got the item back. When a laser engraving process is used, you can often have the engraved items to be completed within a few hours and get them back the same day, depending on how busy the engravers are. At the very most, you can have your engraved items back in less than a week. 

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